Zdenka Darula My passion is wedding photography. Every time I take a picture, I want to make sure that picture tells a story. I love to caption relationships in an honest and natural way. Emotions, the love, joy, and candid, fun moments which you will remember the rest of your life. My photography style can be described as photojournalistic mixed with fashion and fine art. I also offer other services which I greatly enjoy. I have been 16 years in modeling industry which gave me full understanding of being on both sides of camera.

    10 years of photography experience honoured me with multiple publications all over the world. I have been recently voted as one of the Top 15 Toronto Wedding Photographers.

    I work mainly in Toronto and Durham region. My studio is based in Oshawa. There are no projects too small, too big or too far for me.

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Another year is behind us. It was time for me to review once again all fantastic weddings. Thank you again for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Here is selection of my personally favorite images. I don’t know what I am really looking for in a great image. There are so many reasons I picked these. I really like every single of them.  Best of Toronto wedding photography.


It was a lovely sunny day. No. Let me start all over again. It was a really cold, rainy and windy day.  Let’s meet Alice & Alejandro, amazing and adventurous couple which had one thrilling wedding day.  Here comes my story. I was driving from my home to downtown Toronto to meet them in their condominium building. I was thinking the whole time how we are going to do it. Originally we picked few outdoor locations which would be perfect for sunny day.  However, we got completely opposite weather conditions so I had to make different plan. Alice & Alejandro still wanted to do outdoor session. When I arrived to their condo, the first thing I noticed was rubber boots right behind the doors. I asked if they are brides. She said yes. I suggested that it would be a cool idea to wear these boots with her wedding dress. It only made sense as it was really windy outside and I knew she would be soaked in her heels. Alice is one smart bride as she was ready with back up wedding dress.

bridal portrait by Toronto wedding photographerbridal portrait by Toronto wedding photographerbridal portrait by Toronto wedding photographerwedding couple portrait by Toronto wedding photographerrainy Toronto wedding rainy Toronto wedding

We thought it would be fun to shoot at Dundas & Yonge intersection as you can cross it anyway you like. As we were in our groove and having some wet fun, out of sudden this guy comes right at us out of nowhere asking: “What are you guys doing?” I immediately recognized his face. It was Kevin Frankish from City TV’s Breakfast Television.  With a huge smile he asked if he could feature story on us.  You can only imagine the excitement Alice & Alejandro were feeling.  Take a look at this very nicely done video feature and the rest of my images.

Kevin Frankishrainy Toronto weddingrainy Toronto weddingTherainy Toronto wedding
The story doesn’t end here however. Look at the next image and notice tour bus on the right. Now, the next day I was doing a mother & daughter portrait session in my studio. I had it booked for about 3 months. The ladies I never met showed up. As we were chatting at the end of the session I told them the whole story and showed them some photos. They both screamed: “We saw the wedding, we saw it!” I was staring at them really surprised. Then they continued. We were sitting on the tour bus when we saw you guys yesterday. I was stunned. What a coincidence.

rainy Toronto weddingrainy Toronto weddingToronto City Hall WeddingToronto City Hall WeddingToronto City Hall WeddingToronto City Hall WeddingToronto City Hall WeddingOshawa Wedding PhotographerOshawa Wedding Photographer

Thank you Kevin Frankish for doing this Breakfast Television feature on us!!!