Zdenka Darula My passion is wedding photography. Every time I take a picture, I want to make sure that picture tells a story. I love to caption relationships in an honest and natural way. Emotions, the love, joy, and candid, fun moments which you will remember the rest of your life. My photography style can be described as photojournalistic mixed with fashion and fine art. I also offer other services which I greatly enjoy. I have been 16 years in modeling industry which gave me full understanding of being on both sides of camera.

    10 years of photography experience honoured me with multiple publications all over the world. I have been recently voted as one of the Top 15 Toronto Wedding Photographers.

    I work mainly in Toronto and Durham region. My studio is based in Oshawa. There are no projects too small, too big or too far for me.

    Wedisson AwardWeddingWire Award

    WEDDINGS!!! Currently booking 2017 and 2018!

Let me introduce you Amanda & Evan. I have known both of them for a while before our shoot. Amanda asked me to photograph their wedding. Unfortunately I was already booked that day. She didn’t take no for answer. Her decision was to photograph their formal wedding photos before their actual wedding.  It was the best thing they could have done. We had lots of time. There was no rush and no pressure.  We selected two close by locations. One was Lakeview Park in Oshawa. Another was Rotary Park in Ajax. I personally love both photo locations. There are many different backgrounds, lots of trees and shades. So how did the day go?

Amanda got her hair done in a salon she selected herself. Make up was done here in my studio. We got all dressed up and headed out.  There were many great laughs as you can tell from photos. Their kids were just adorable. I love kids being kids. Literally. Take a look at Lakeview Park Oshawa Wedding with Amanda and Evan.

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First engagement session of this year is here. I have to say the bar has been set really high for this year. Another amazing photo session. I simply call it “Winter Love Story”.  I am a huge romantic. I love candles, glasses with wine, nice dark settings, cuddles… you name it.  I love emotions. Laughter, kisses, hugs, teasing each other. When I pose couples I try to work with them as they are on a date and I am not even there.  This photo session shows it all. Let’s meet Yvonne & Josh. I have to give them big thumbs up for being well prepared with their notes and props. Well done guys!!!! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding. I am sure it will be unique again…

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