Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet Halll Winter Wedding

It was just before Christmas when I was on my way to Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet Hall in Newcastle to photograph Sandra & Roland’s winter wedding. This venue is absolutely amazing. One of the best venue in Toronto area and GTA. When you are there, you feel like you are in the nature. I almost forgot it was snowing outside. Owned by Danish couple, Madsen’s Greenhouse offers everything from garden full of colorful plants, to cool backgrounds and props such as motorcycle, large clock, fountain, outdoor garden, and bridge. The possibilities are endless. It is true playground for any wedding photographer and wedding couple. I could easily spend the whole day shooting there. There is just so much to do.

Sandra & Roland decided to start their day with photography part. I was very excited about this decision as her makeup was fresh, they were rested and we had lots of time, we didn’t have to rush. The fact that Madsen’s Greenhouse was empty was a bonus. We had no disturbance, we freely walked from place to place taking photos. Sandra’s dress was gorgeous. I must compliment her choice. Roland looked amazing himself. I love the color of his suit. As we shot early in the day, we had the best lighting conditions available. Even though it was dark and snowing outside, indoors had beautiful soft light all the way until late afternoon.

I also loved the bright colors they picked for their bridal party to wear. It really stood out in the green background. If you look at the last photo, you will see their table seating display full of engagement photos we took in the fall. The actually hanged them on trees as well. It was very unique, simple, amazingly decorated and on budget. I never seen such a great usage of engagement photos I took before.

Well, Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet Hall, it was a pleasure once again. I am looking forward to shooting another wedding in this fun location. Congratulations Sandra & Roland.

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